Molnár Ildikó

I finished my very first eyelash extension training course in 2010, right after finishing my studies in cosmetics. Since then, I’ve gone through several other training courses and I’ve participated in many competitions. (From which I successfully returned gaining 3 prizes, 1D classic category 2nd, then 1st place, 3-5D category 2nd place.) In 2016, I achieved master degree in cosmetics and also graduated as an educator.

Making eyelash extensions became my main profile – as well as my passion – in 2014 thus since then that’s the only thing I do. Whenever building a set, I aim for a natural look. What I like the most is when a freshly built set gives character to the face while blending in with it unnoticably at the same time.

The stubborn thirst for knowledge, and the strong inner motivation for my work to be better and better made me take part again and again in various training courses. Every single time I learnt something new and as my technique developed, and my knowledge expanded, the urge for passing on all that I’d learnt and experienced during all those years became stronger.

With all my work, I continuously try to represent quality and value as well as in my trainings so that my students – as I did once – receive quality and value!
Value that they’ll be able to represent, what they can work with and they can work for, and what they themselves will be able to pass on when time comes.

My motto is that miracles always happen outside of your comfort zone! So if you’re ready for us to hold each others’ hands, and take the very first step together inside the wonderful world of eyelashes, my door’s open for you. Either if you’re eager to learn or just want some fabulous eyelashes!


Instagram: lashes_byildikomolnar

Facebook: Lashes by Ildikó Molnár